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VALERIAN SWING - Nights (white vinyl) [LP]

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Data di uscita: 12-04-2017
Cod.: TLLT119
Barcode: 8016670128755


A1. A Leaf
A2. Two Ships
A3. Three Keys
A4. Four Horses

B1. Five Walls
B2. Six Feet
B3. Seven Cliffs
B4. Eight Dawns




‘Nights' is a record that showcases Valerian Swing’s sublime technique and speed but unlike previous albums the aim was to focus more on the melodic construction of their songs and less on the extreme. The result is an album that explores more expansive post-rock, rhythmic and cinematic sounds.

At certain points throughout ‘Nights’ especially with the added vocal elements, some tracks verge into experimental pop territory, an area the band were unafraid to visit. The influence of new baritone guitarist F. Giovanetti (and synths) on Valerian Swing is evident. His place in the band allowed guitarist/vocalist Stefano Villani to lead them in a more free way allowing for experimentation with computers, electronics, processed vocals and devices different from the guitar.

Having played all over the world, including the SXSW, and having shared stages with bands of the caliber of Russian Circles, Boris and This Town Needs Guns, Valerian Swing will bring their eclectic ’Nights' in concert, first in Europe from the end of April - including a slot at Colossal Weekend in Copenhagen with Deafheaven, Oxbox and many others.


In catalogo:

CD - 10th Anniversary Collection (Japan edition)

CD - Nights

LP - A U R O R A (clear transparent edition)

CD - A U R O R A


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