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DAGS! - Snowed In / Stormed Out (japanese edition) [CD]

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Data di uscita: 17-10-2016
Cod.: TLLT108
Barcode: 8016670126621


1 - Chega De Saudade
2 - We All Like Theories, Let's Not Make Anything Ever Happen
3 - I Would Love To Send All Those Shitheads Wearing Camo To The Actual Army
4 - Dance Today, Dance Tomorrow, Why Not the Day After.
5 - Punching above your Height
6 - Why is there a "b" in the word "doubt"?
7 - Fall & Fracture
8 - For instance does any of those "I" I put in a sentence make me look like an egotistical prick?
9 - Why is there a "B" in the word "debt"?
10 - In order to have survivors you need patients. in order to get patients you need survivors
11 - Why is there a "b" in the word "subtle"?

Bonus tracks from DAGS! s/t EP 2014
12. I don't know if you understand my analogy, but it's the clearest one I can make.
13. I have seen the truth, and it doesn't make sense.
14. Your rent should not exceed a week of your monthly wages
15. With so many signatures, you could make a petition
16. ...And then they crashed against technology, did that hurt?

Extra bonus track Japanese edition only
17. Planar view of structural malfunction at 7.30 PM



In occasione del tour in Giappone di Novembre 2016 esce in collaborazione con l'etichetta giapponese Friends of Mine Records il CD che in pratica la discografia della band: infatti oltre ai pezzi di Snowed In / Stormed Out ci sono come bonus i pezzi dell'EP 2014 e un inedito esclusivo.


In catalogo:

LP - Flaws & Gestures (CYAN BLUE vinyl)

LP - Flaws & Gestures (HOT PINK MAGENTA vinyl)

LP - Bundle Pack Vinyl (first EP + Snowed In / Stormed Out)

LP - Snowed In / Stormed Out

LP - s/t (one sided transparent vinyl)


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This is NOT a love song


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